My Magnificat

My Magnificat 

My soul dances with joy at the sound of the Father calling my name.

I go to Him, unafraid and trusting, and rest myself. 

I am home at last.

Thank you my Jesus, my Christ, for making the way

that I might delight in my Father’s company.


You, O Lord, are my salvation, my refuge, my sanctuary.

No enemy can reach me here as long as I remain with you.

It is in you alone, my Heavenly Father, that I place my trust and my hope.  

It is you I love. 

You satisfy every desire of my heart.


I want to worship you all the days of my life.

Let me never be put to shame because my sin has

come between us.


Show me your ways Father. 

Show me your heart. 

Let all that I am love you more each day.


I desire Your will for me Father, Your will. 

All this I pray through your Son, Jesus Christ,

my Lord and my Savior.      



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Molly Rose Hernandez
    Jun 22, 2009 @ 20:19:42

    Joan, I will always treasure My Magnificat.
    It is a beautiful prayer to Our Father.
    Thank you Blessed Mother Mary, for touching our hearts with your beautiful prayer.
    Bless you indeed, Joan.
    Molly Rose 🙂


  2. Sarah
    Jun 26, 2009 @ 01:56:28

    This is awesome! I’m proud of you. This is a great way for God’s words to be spread even faster! Love you


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