My Mid-Life Apple

My Mid-life Apple          


An apple a day, that’s what they say.

So, what’s keeping me from following this simple suggestion?

If I reach for the apple of my dreams, people will see the bite I take.

They may say, “Hey, don’t take too big of a bite, stay where it’s safe”.

Whose voice keeps me from taking my apple out of the shadows?

As I decipher the tones and words, I realize it’s my own voice 

A timid little voice heard from the center of a garden with space for the smallest figi apple. 

This safe little apple is tasted on rare occasions; a small bite bravely swallowed, leaving all that remains for applesauce. 

The flesh is pulverized till there is no zest left to surprise the palate. 

Why it can even be eaten with no teeth!

An apple a day, that’s what they say.

If I am to taste the apple of my dreams, I must first decide what kind of apple I like. 

Is it the red delicious, granny smith or gala?

I overturn all the soil in my safe little garden to discover the big, bright, red delicious apple with its shiny outer skin that is solid and juicy to the core. 

No safe little figi apple for this new apple taster, and by all means, no applesauce either.

I am weary of choosing a small bite and even the applesauce for the sake of keeping the old garden safe.

It’s my apple and I choose the taste it with the biggest bite these old teeth can take. 

I will savor every bite of my apple, seeds and all!

And guess what all you applesauce eaters; I might even eat the stem!

And when I’m done with that, I will plant an apple tree in the garden of my soul, where dreams flourish and only brave apples grow.

An apple a day, that’s what they say. 

I say  “Bon Appetite”.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. loyce
    Jul 10, 2010 @ 08:27:29

    too cute and don’t forget to wear your purple, or maybe red hat to boot.


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