My new found way to pray deeper.

I recently completed my first Iconography Retreat.  Seven days of intense prayer and writing of my first icon.  Most people would say, “Oh you painted an icon.”    But actually one writes an icon.  Just as you write a prayer.  My spirit has been deeply moved by this experience.  It allows me to suspend my intellect and let God come into my mind and speak his will to my soul.  When writing (or painting) an icon, there are many steps to follow explicitly if you to write it in the tradition of the first Iconographers in the early church.  The Prosopon School of Iconography gave this retreat and they teach in that old tradition using egg tempura mixed with dry pigments.   I learned the spiritual meaning behind every step of writing an icon.  As our instructor said “As you write an icon, it writes you”.  So intriguing to a lover of writing.   My first icon is the image of the Archangel Michael.  Oh, how powerful he is and what a great friend and protector. 

I have just started on my second icon, that of the Archangel Gabriel.  I’ll let you all know more about this practice of iconography as I go.


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