A Time for Tears


The time must be found.

The time must be allowed.

The time must not be found, no longer dry.

You must let them come.

You must let them approach.

You must allow them close, no longer dry.

Let them in.

Let them roam.

Let them have their way.

They will come slowly, sweeping over you like a gentle mist, gently covering every hurt,

every burden, every little matter that before was dry.

Let them come.

Let them come.

They will come like an angel softly touching all those places never before trespassed.

They will come with a purpose and intended meaning, like a father on his way to help and comfort his child.

Let them come in full measure, running over.

They will come like a torrent of healing water, reaching your soul’s driest places.

When you have found this time of tears you will receive a precious gift.

The gift of tears is powerful, healing and without equal.

This gift has the ability to make all things hurtful fall away to a place of clarity and proportion.

As you discover this gift, life is renewed and the sting of heartache is soothed.

This gift is salve to the soul, healing and refreshing.

Let them come.

Let them come.

The gift of holy tears brings with it the potential for new beginnings each time you indulge in them.

Begin anew often. 

Let this them be your companion. 

Allow your tears their time.

Allow them entrance to the secret places never before explored.

Allow them to do their intended work.

Let them come.

Let them come.

Joan T Broussard


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