Are you Adam? Or Are you Eve?

Eve sinned first, then tempted Adam to sin along with her.  There is a lesson here for all of us trying to find the areas of weakness, temptation and sin in our lives and overcome them.  There are times when we can be either Adam or Eve.   Eve was too greedy/envious and wanted the  knowledge she felt she didn’t have.  For some of us it could be prestige, power, money, position, or material things.  The lure of these things can weaken us and cause us to do things we shouldn’t.  These temptations, weakness and sin cause us to be Eve.  We believe Satan’s lie that these things will make us happy and as a result our sin creates separation between us and God.

We can be Adam when people/things in our lives influence us and as a result we move away from God.  They may be those who do not support our practicing our faith tradition (i.e. going to regular mass) and as a result we allow their judgment or influence to keep us from a deeper relationship with God.  Perhaps we don’t want to appear “holier than thou” so we don’t pray as we ought or we don’t witness when given the opportunity because we are too proud.  All these represent the Eve in our lives.  We become Adam and fall for the lies Satan tries to put on us.  He will use all sorts of trickery to talk us into partaking the forbidden. 

One more thing to consider; are we being Eve to someone in our life?  You may wonder; how can I be Eve to someone?  Consider this: being a poor example of practicing one’s faith tradition may lead someone to also neglect theirs; our lack of service to those in need, not supporting those who want to answer God’s call even if it does not fit our agenda could stifle their response to that call, lack of compassion can allow someone to remain in a state of loneliness and despair. 

We should always be on guard for Satan’s subtle attempts to lure us into being Adam (being tempted and falling for his lies) or being Eve (believing his lies, sinning and leading others down the same ‘wrong way’).  This can happen even when we are not aware of it.  Ask God to keep your eyes open to Satan’s tricks.  Hold your hand up in the “STOP” position and tell Satan that God resides in your heart; and remember, Where God is the devil cannot be.  Stand Faithful, you will see God standing there too!!


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