Be Still and Know

Lord, this is what you ask of me and you mean it in many areas. 

We must allow you to be God.

We must step quietly to the side of life’s parade of people, duties, and pace of this world.

We must step to the quiet and be still, as a soft breeze rustles the leaves.

We must step to the sound of the quiet and listen to the rummages of God as he plies, pulls and works this little piece of clay in his gentle mighty hands.

We must step to the quiet peace and allow him to be God; and in that quiet we can receive the gift of surrender, of acceptance, of total dependence on God.

The steps to the quiet are not taken without much stumbling and back tracking. 

At first it may seem you have taken a step to the quiet, only to realize it was just a tip-toe to another place in the world, and still you are dependant on people, on places, on things.

These are not what the place of quiet stillness is made of. 

The place of quiet stillness is a safe haven for the sad and the grieving.

The place of quiet stillness is a warm caring embrace for the lonely, for the one left behind.

The place of quiet stillness is a place of wisdom, for if you choose to go there, you will learn that all things of this world are to pass way and only God’s love will remain.

You will learn that people can only do so much with their limited capacity to love and understand.

You will learn that no one can bring you to the place of quiet stillness. 

You must take these steps alone, with your faith guiding you and God leading the way.

You will learn the way to know that He is God. 

No human being can make you see this. 

Only God and teach God.  

And for Him to teach and you to finally learn,

you must be still and know that he is God.

Joan T Broussard


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Melinda Merckle
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 13:24:18

    Very thought provoking, Joan!! Thanks!!


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