By whose authority do I live?

Religion or spiritual authority…..which authority do I live my life?  Sometime we can experience conflict between what our spirit discerns as God’s call in our life and what church tradition decrees.  How are we to know which authority to follow?  It is a matter for much prayer and discernment; and something that is discussed among Spiritual Directors.  We do not intend to be in conflict with church tradition; although sometimes we do not meet with full support of our pastors in parishes where we offer spiritual direction.   Some priests welcome the assistance of a good qualified Spiritual Director in helping  those who seek a deeper relationship with God and in acheiving that by way of deepening prayer and awareness of God’s presence in their lives.  The  motivation of any good, compassionate Spiritual Director is to do just that.  To accompany a Directee on their way to receiving the grace fullness of God and to help them recognize His presence in their daily lives is the only purpose of a Director.  However; some priest seem to be either ill-informed about what spiritual direction is or perhaps just do not want the assistance.  Could it be that they feel that Spiritual Direction is in competition for the “person in the pew” or that they may somehow be misled by a life of spiritual awareness; i.e. spirituality.  For some Directees, these can lead to confusion as to whom to follow in the discernment process; their priest or their director.  My advice as a Spiritual Director is always to take the matter to prayer and let God be the final authority.  I believe God intended for the religion and spiritual authority to be in accord and dedicated to only one ultimate goal – to lead everyone to a full, deep and life-giving relationship with God; to recoginze His presence in their lives and to offer service to His kindgom for graces received.

Joan T Broussard


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  1. Mary
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 23:54:10

    Thanks, Joan. Thinking about you and your ministry. God bless you.


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