Tender Times

Tender times today my love, tears plead for release.

One look, a brief thought, a memory and the pleading begins,

The longing is so intense, emptiness fills my arms.

I miss your presence, your scent, your body, and your hands.

I miss being a couple with you, being one of a pair that was us.

And now I must find peace with this pair that is only me.

And who is this one of a pair that used to be? 

A woman who is strong, yet needs someone to lean on,

Confident and yet vulnerable.

She is faithful, yet questions in her humanness.

She is resilient, yet wavering in the midst of her grief.

She is me, with all my wics and wacs, zigs and zags,

with my lil’ girl naivety and tenderness as well as my strong-willed attitude.

She is me, with all her experiences coming together to forge this woman to be.

This woman I am getting to know from the inside out.

This woman I am growing to admire and respect.

This woman I am proud to introduce to others.

This woman of character and substance has no pretense or mask to hiding the unresolved.

This woman has the courage and guts to unmask any false trait, past memory or remnant. 

This woman who I love and whose company I am pleased to keep.

Yes, these are tender times my love and we must continue our journeys alone.

You have already found you peace.

I am searching out mine with this woman I am becoming.

I think you would love her too, after all she is the sum of all things you and I had together

Love, life and promises kept.

And should it be God’s plan that I not be one of a couple again, that’s ok.

I am satisfied just being with the woman I am becoming. 

She and I will be a fine pair.

Joan T Broussard


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