God, Crochet and First Fridays.

What does crocheting, knitting or needlepoint have to do with God?  I belong to a group of women whose love of the needle; whether it’s a crochet needle, knitting needles or embroidery needle, has become a ministry.  We meet on the first Friday of each month, thus the name of our group, “First Friday Friends”.  Everyone brings a brown bag lunch and we create all day long.  Some are crocheting hats and scarves for cancer patients, while others made preemie clothes.  I have been sewing bereavement gowns for the precious preemie angels.  We sew.  We share.  We pray during the special day together.  God uses our gifts to help others while blessing us with strong friendships created over the years of sewing together.  Every time we gather, we offer this prayer to the Father who is the Master Weaver of our hearts as well as the work we do. 

First  Friday Friends

Almighty God and Father – it’s First Friday.   

We offer up this day and its joy to you, Creator of all. 

We give you thanks for our First Friday Friends.

Friends who share love and faith in Your Son.


We spend the day together; sewing, knitting, crocheting.

We learn, we teach, we talk.  We share our lives and our homes.

As is the way of Your Trinity, we want to grow in relationship with

each other and with You. 


First Friday Friends share love of needles, hooks, yarns and thread.

Lord, keep us generous with our knowledge, our stash, our coffee & tea.

Keep us focused on our friendship, hospitality and care for one another.

Guide us to grow in faith, charity and service to Your kingdom.


We work with our hands for the benefit of others.

With each piece we create, we give witness to gifts of time, talent and

treasure that you have given to each of us.

We hold the piece for a while as we ply, pull and work the threads.

But it is You Lord, who weaves Your work in the hearts of First Friday Friends


We pass on our work and pray that You are pleased and will use our

creations to heal and give comfort to those who have most need of

Your love and mercy.  All this we pray through your son Jesus Christ,

our Lord.   Amen.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Molly Rose Hernandez
    Sep 03, 2011 @ 13:13:10

    I feel truely blessed to be a small part of this group of women.
    Thank you God.
    Molly <


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