Let God breathe a melody into your spirit.

I always pray to be someone God would be pleased to use me in helping someone to know him.  But sometimes I am in the way of that happening; whether it be of my own desire to control or just not knowing how to get out of the way.  I just read a beautiful poem written by Joyce Rupp, (in her book, May I have this Dance) entitled Instruments of God.  I offer it to you for inspiration to allow God to breathe in his will for your life.  Here it is….

A small, wooden flute, an empty, hollow reed, rests in her silent hand.  It  awaits the breath of one who creates song through its open form.

My often empty life rests in the hand of God; like the hollowed flute, it yearns for the melody which only Breath can give.

The small, wooden flute and I, we need the one who breathes, we await one who makes melody.

And the one whose touch creates, awaits ourr empty, ordinary forms, so taht the song-staved world may be fed with golden melodies.


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