Where is your joy?

I heard a homily the other day that hit home with me.  Do you have something or someone in your life who has undue influence on your thoughts, behavior, peace of mind and can even take your joy?  Have your simply given your power away?  How would you know if you had?   Here’s a hint….you are having a wonderful day, you are happy, full of joy and feel God’s grace putting a smile in your heart.  Then all of a sudden this person or this thing comes into your mind and your mood changes…and not in a good way.  Your joy is gone and you feel tense and anxious.  This is the first sign that this habit, this thing or this person has undue power over your spirit.  Only God should have this degree of influence over you.  Ask Him to heal whatever hurt, unmet need,  or longing that leaves you vulnerable to such influence in your life. 

Face your fears, your undisciplined habits and unmet desire…..take a long loving look in the mirror and see the soul that God loves and calls His Beloved.  Allow Him to heal wounds that create distance between you and him.  Ask him to heal your undue attachment to the thing/habit/person whom you have allowed to take your joy. 

What joy there is when you reclaim your true power, because the source of it is our heavenly Father.  Only he can truly give it back.  What joy when he does!!!

How have you given away your power?  What/Who has taken your joy?


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