Mary, her mission and purpose

Today we acknowledge and celebrate the presentation of our Blessed Virgin Mary. The reflection in the Magnificat today compares Mary at her presentation to the dove that Noah released from the ark to fly off in search of a sign that the flood was over. I love this image. Like Noah’s dove, Mary is our sign that our aimless search for what our soul desires can be fruitful. She is the one who brings us the hope of God’s love and mercy to appear here on earth. It is Mary who teaches us that we are not wanderers but pilgrims on a quest for salvation that has been promised.
Just like the people on Noah’s ark we are have been alone and have an core desire to know that God has not forgotten us. We long for more. We want to realize that there is more to life than what we can see before us. The desire to know a God of mercy and love, rather than a God of punishment is always in our heart. Just imagine the joy on the ark when the dove flew back with an olive branch in its beak indicating that land was near. How do you think they would fared if the dove had never returned.
Mary is our dove. She brings the hope of salvation to all who believe and accept her Son, Jesus. Mary bore this savior in her womb and promises to walk with us to meet her Son. He comes to us, but instead of bringing the olive branch, he bears the tree of the cross.
This is why Blessed Pope John Paul says of Mary, “the whole of the universe…is touched by the divine favor with which the Father looks upon Mary.”
In my own prayer, I ask Mary to take my hand and walk with me to meet her Son, Jesus. She acknowledges me and generously offers her hand. We go to the Savior, she steps to the side and allows Jesus to greet, love and heal me. This is a great consolation.
Ask Mary to accompany you to her Son. It is her mission to do just that for each of us. Try it, she is wonderful company for the journey.
Mary, my mother, my confidant, my friend, thank you for your companionship.


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