Journal for the New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.
Do you have your new 2012 journal ready to begin today?
I’d like to offer a few suggestions to begin. First of all, before you begin thinking about all the good things coming in the new year, take some time to look back on 2011. Go through your journal of last year and talk to God about the things you and He did together, the things you tried to do on your own (without Him) and the times when you fully cooperated with His will. Its similar to the daily examen, except its more like a year-long examen. Talk to the Father about the things you are proud of and those things you wish you had done or done differently, or had not done at all. Then, consider your New Year’s resolutions of last year; how did they turn out? If you were journaling then, you should see the list of things you wanted to do this past year on the first page.

Then, open up your new 2012 journal, and ask God to inspire you with goals for this year; list them. Tell Him what you would like to accomplish also. Reaffirm your commitment to Him and to the path and vocation He has placed you in. See if your outlook for this new momentous year of 2012 doesn’t change for the better. Happy Journaling your way to the Father!!!!

Share your method of journaling with others with a comment here. I write my journals, but am considering doing it on the computer. I can’t seem to make the change, I love the long-hand writing still.


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