Rosary CD’s are in – Let the praying begin!!

My CDs have arrived and they look great…Rosary in English and FRENCH; and “Reflections of a Broken Heart” -This CD is particularly helpful for those grieving loss, it’s filled with spoken words of healing and inspiration to continue doing “the work” of grieving our losses.

You can get them at Crossroads Bookstore in Lafayette, The  Rosary House in New Iberia, Cades Grocery and  Company  Beauty Salon in St. Martinville.  You can also order directly from me,  mail check or money order to 107  Beacon Drive, Youngsville, LA 70592 (please add $5.00 for shipping).

English Rosary $15       French Rosary (2 cds) $20      Reflections $15

Here are a couple of comments I have received on the CD “Reflections of a Broken Heart”

“Joan offers her down-to-earth “Reflections of a Broken Heart” to those who are searching for understanding and hope as they grieve.  She poured her pain over her husband Brad’s illness and death into poetry and prayer. As Joan relates her growth through suffering and healing into a deeper spirituality, she reaches into the hearts of others and calls them to respond to their grief with grace and courage, or as she puts it, “with grace and guts.”       

MaryLahey, LPC, LMFT,  Director of Bereavement Services, The Center for Loss and Transition, Hospice of Acadiana, Inc.

“Joan, you have put into words, quite effectively, the sentiments of one who has endured the pain of losing their beloved. Your unfailing devotion and dedication to John, as well as your steadfast faith resonates profoundly through the CD. It is inspirational. My congratulations to you on putting this recording together and I wish you great success in marketing and promoting its distribution.”  

Kelly Cahill, Jr., M.D., Family Medicine


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