Do you judge your insides by others outsides?

I recently attended a Theresian Day of Prayer.  One of the speakers, Kitty Cleveland, spoke about “True Beauty”.  She presented an interesting question that I am still praying with.  ” Do I compare my insides to others’ outsides?”  I have several women in my life that I admire, respect and look to for spiritual guidance.  They are “for real women” who are authentic and deeply involved in a relationship with God.  So, when I heard this questions, I had to stop, take a good look in the mirror and ask the question of myself.

How do I judge myself, by what God tells me about myself – I am beloved, blessed and loved by him.  Or do I judge myself by others – I have to be pretty, thin and successful to be worthy of love.

Pray about this and Journal – How do you judge yourself?


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