What is your resurrection moment?

Pray about this and journal…..What is your resurrection  moment?  It may not have been revealed to you on Easter Sunday.  Perhaps it will be today.  Ask God to open your eyes and heart to it.  Write it down so you won’t forget or miss its grace.

Celebrating Jesus’ passion and resurrection, we are reminded that he suffered the ultimate penalty for our sins.  With his resurrection we are saved and delivered from the things that create distance between us and Him.  During Easter Sunday mass Carl and I were able to stay on the altar during the mass.  I was Lector and he was Commentator and with the church overcrowded Father Mouton allowed us to remain on the alter.  I felt so blessed to be that close to the consecration and Jesus.

As Father raised the host in consecration, I heard God’s whisper “This is all that matters”.  All the things that had weighed heavy on my heart all during Lent were suddenly lifted and my heart was filled with joy.  Then on top of that, Father signaled for Carl and I to also be Eucharistic Ministers.  When God decides to bless you big, He really does.  Giving Jesus to everyone is also a sacred privilege and should never be taken lightly.  I saw smiles, reverence and joy in the face of everyone receiving our Lord in the  Eucharist.  Afterwards, my tears cleaned out the remnants of Lent penance and my resurrection moment was complete.

My  journal…..Thank you Lord, for this day and for loving me.  I am grateful to you for making the way that I might delight in my heavenly Father’s company.  Thank you for the gift of my tears and my full and grateful heart.  I desire not to allow anything or anyone rob the joy that you put there.  I am yours Father.  Do with me as you will.



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