Am I worthy? Part 2

Pray about this…..and journal.  I would love to hear your thoughts.  This is a great subject to bring for discussion with your Spiritual Director. 

Are we worthy?   We should remember that we will always fall short of being worthy because of our sinful human nature.  We believe that God’s love and mercy are his gift to us in spite of our unworthiness.  This will keep us humble and always grateful for what he blesses us with, like his graces.

So, you might be wondering….doesn’t living in a way that is acceptable to God make me worthy?   Scripture says “works without faith is dead”.  Jesus said we need to believe that he is God’s son and that he came to save us, pay the price for our sin and pave the way to heaven for us.  That is how we are redeemed, or “made worthy”.  All the good works don’t save us, it is our faith.  And, if we have faith Jesus speaks of, we would naturally want to do all the good/acceptable things.

So here is the question to reflect/pray about and journal: 

When you are watching the Priest consecrate the host; as he raises up the body and blood of  Christ….what are your thoughts?  As you are walking up to receive Him in the Eucharist….what are you thinking, praying?

My response:  As I gaze on the consecrated Eucharist, I acknowledge Jesus’ body and blood, I ask God to receive me in union with Him.  I am in awe of His love for me.  As I am walking up to receive Him, I go presenting myself as being unworthy of his love, unworthy of Jesus’ sacrifice and of all the gifts He gives me.  Some say that we are worthy or else God would not have created us, much less sacrificed his Son for us and have loved us the way he does.   This causes me to reflect:  “So am I worthy after all?”  If I am, then I am truly loved?  Can I believe this?”  I believe this is the real connection between knowing something in my head to finally having this belief in my heart/soul/spirit.  This is a big truth and big joy comes into my soul.  This is why I am always so happy after attending mass.  Jesus’ union with me in the Eucharist enlightens my soul with His love for me.  I am redeemed!!



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  1. Joan Theriot-Broussard
    May 26, 2012 @ 13:14:22

    I look forward to hearing your responses to “Am I worthy?”


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