A Catholic Journey Through Grief

The Diocese of Lafayette’s Office of Marriage and Family Life will offer two A Catholic Journey through Grief retreats a year. One will be in the spring and the other in the fall. It will consist of a full day retreat with a follow up session 2 weeks later.

The retreat will be led by Joan Broussard. Joan is a published author, writing several magazine articles on the gifts of the sacraments. She has recently published the Second Edition of her first book, Grief Guts and Grace where she offers guidance, and practical wisdom to those struggling with grief and loss. Joan has been offering Spiritual Direction since 2007 and she currently serves as a member of the Louisiana Spiritual Directors organization.

Our fall retreat will be on Sunday, October 4, 2015 with the follow up on Sunday, October 18th.

The October 4 retreat and October 18 follow-up will be held at the St. Anne Parish Hall in Youngsville.

October 4 Retreat:  9:30am to 4:30 with mass at 5:00 pm.

October 18  Follow-up gathering:  2;30 pm to 4;30 with mass at 5:00 pm

The follow-up session will be held in conjunction with a Grief Workshop for Children; please see details below).

The cost of the event will be $30.00 which will include your supplies for both days and lunch for your retreat day.
Please click here to register online.  http://www.diolaf.org/grief


The Office of Marriage & Family Life has teamed up with Ninette Cormier, LPC-S and Jessica Johnson, LPC, to offer a grief workshop for children ages 11-14.  The workshop will be held on Sunday, October 18, 2015 from 2:30-4:30 PM at St. Anne Church in Youngsville. We will end the workshop with Mass.

This workshop is designed to make it easier for your child to share feelings. Children often feel they are “different” after the loss of a family member.  Through guided therapeutic art and group activities, your child can learn that they are not alone in their grief.  Some benefits of the workshop include:  expressing feelings and emotions appropriately with others who have experienced similar losses; increasing levels of openness, honesty and trust; and understanding and coping with changes in the family since the death of a special person.

To register your child for this workshop, please complete and submit the registration form on the site:  http://www.diolaf.org/grief


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