Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Have you every experienced the mercy of God?  I mean really experienced his mercy; and when you have – what are you to do with it?

God’s mercy is limitless, unconditional and guaranteed to all who call on him.  We are to call on him asking for it.  And when we do – he doesn’t skimp on how much mercy he gives.  It is usually more than we deserve.  That’s the think about mercy – we don’t deserve it – our sinful nature makes it impossible to be worthy of divine mercy – yet he lavishes us with it.

Here’s the thing about gift of mercy – when you receive it – you are to give it – without hesitation and limit.  Mercy is truly yours when you give it to another.  Just like you, they may not deserve it – but mercy given can be the seed of redemption.  Don’t withhold mercy to any one.

I have experienced God’s mercy at different times in my life.  How do I know I received it? When I was able to give it to others at times when I didn’t think I was capable of giving it.  I gave it without hesitation at times and other times it took me a bit longer to arrive at mercy – but with God’s grace – mercy came – mercy was given.  Along with it came such peace in knowing that I had cooperated with God’s grace.

Ponder:  When have you experienced God’s mercy?  When have you given it?


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