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MAY 3, 2016, Tate Publishing announces the release of 
The Innkeeper’s Wife,
by Louisiana author, Joan T. Broussard

ABOUT THE BOOK:  When King Herod orders a census, Bethlehem FRONT COVER2.jpgbursts with activity and people. Gertrude, the wife of an innkeeper, is kept busy as the inn fills with guests. Between her many tasks, however, she prays to God to send her a friend. Then late one night, after the last room had been filled, a young couple knocks at the door. Gertrude is furious when her husband sends them out to the manger when the woman is clearly pregnant. But Gertrude doesn’t realize that her whole world is about to change when the young woman gives birth to a baby boy.

We all know the story about the birth of Jesus Christ but follow Gertrude as she journeys to understanding and trusting in the power of God. This is the story of an unlikely friendship that leads to conversion, love, and ultimate sacrifice.

ADVANCE PRAISE:  Vinita Hampton, Wright, Editor, Loyola Press                                    “You’ve woven a lovely tale, and I’m so happy that you added a woman to Jesus’ story. Too often, women get left out. And yet, women were around him throughout his ministry.  I always think it’s helpful to create characters who can observe the main characters in this story. Gertrude provided a way for readers to watch the story unfold from a different perspective. And it was nice to imagine Jesus as a young boy with his “aunt” Gee—I’m sure there was someone like her around.  I hope your story can reach many people who think they know the story already. May it open their eyes and hearts a little more!

AVAILABILITY:  “The Innkeeper’s Wife” can purchased at Crossroads Bookstore in Lafayette.  It will be available online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon after May 3, 2016.        You can also order from me directly.  Book Cost: $14.99Pic_Pink

AUDIO BOOK is being produced – should be available this summer.

BOOK GROUP:  There are questions for group discussion in the book. Great for book groups!!  I’m happy to attend your gathering and sign books.  Call me with dates.




Share our Cajun Tradition this Christmas!


A gift of hope for Christmas.


My new book: Grief Guts and Grace

     After 12 years of  writing and healing with God’s grace, my book Grief Guts and Grace has finally made through the publishing process.  It is my honor and privilege to offer my journey  through grief after the death of my husband of 29 years, Bradley.  My intention is to help others in making their way through the maze of grief and struggling to find their way through to discover the new life that awaits them. My book is  filled with practical advise and stories of how to live with loss from day-to-day – from finding a new place in the bed to shopping for food that only you will eat.

I am sure you have heard the old phrase, “Give it time – time will heal everything.”  I want to tell you it is not time that heals; it’s what you do with that time that does the healing.  The thing you must do if you are ever going to heal is something I call “the work”.  It is so important to do this work of grieving if you ever hope to be whole, and find your new life worth living. This “work” of grief is different for each of us and is likely to be the most important work of your life.

Grief, Guts and Grace:  If you have the guts to face your grief, God will give you the grace to survive your loss and find your joy again. It is so important to do the work of grieving if you ever hope to be whole, and find your new life worth living. This “work” of grief is different for each of us and is likely to be the most important work of your life.  What I offer is not avoidance of the road we are called to travel, just the foretelling of a few potholes. Cracks in the road cannot be avoided and are usually easily negotiated. If we can do this, we conserve our energy for the important job at hand, which is receiving God’s grace, finding the guts to face our grief and mending our broken hearts.

To order, use this link to Outskirts Press:

Book: Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

This book was written by Joanna Weaver.  It is a marvelous book.  My Theresian Community used it for our year-long study program.  It’s about finding intimacy with God in our busy lives.  Many of us can related to the Martha ways of living – doing-doing-doing!.  This book helps us to get in touch with the spirit of Mary who takes things a bit slower and puts her spiritual growth and relationship with God at the top of her to-do list.

Part of me is Mary, wanting to be more prayerful, be in God’s presence more than just on Sunday; and yet part of me is Martha.  There is just so much to do.  Where do I find the balance?

Joanna reminds us that while the world applauds achievement, God desires companionship.  The world says, “Do more, Be all that you can be.”  But our Father whispers, “Be still and know that I am God.”  He isn’t looking as much for workers as He is looking for sons and daughters to pour His life into.

Each chapter goes deeper into the Martha Mary mentality, how to identify the warning signs of Martha overload and how to find the balance.  This book is very well suited for a book group.  The questions at the end of each chapter provide the catalyst for great discussion and insight. 

(and if you like this one, the sequel to it is ever better.  “Having a Mary Spirit”)

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